Creation Resources

The following list of resources will be helpful in strengthening a Creation apologetic. Those marked by an astarik are priority purchases if you are unable to purchase the entire list.

The Flood - Alfred Rehwinkel
*The Early Earth - John C. Whitcomb
The New Answers Book 2 - Ken Ham
*Refuting Compromise - Jonathan Sarfati
*Exploring the Evidence for Creation - Henry Morris III
Refuting Evolution - Jonathan Sarfati
Refuting Evolution 2 - Jonathan Sarfati
Answers Book - Ham, Sarfati, Carl Wieland
Coming to Grips with Genesis - Terry Mortenson, Thane Ury (Editors)
Earth’s Catastrophic Past - Andrew Snelling
**The Young Earth - John D. Morris
*Starlight in Time - Russ Humphries
**In the Beginning God - Dr. Joel Heck