Prayer Seminar

Student/Leader Edition

These lessons invite disciples of Jesus into a deeper life of prayer. The Father would have us pray to Him far more than we are willing to talk with Him..

The worksheets are provided as guides for discussion. The leader edition does not have every line filled. There is some preparation needed on the part of the leader. You will notice that Lesson Six has no leader notes. This is a straight forward bible study that lends itself to much discussion regarding Praying with Thanksgiving.

21 Lesson

21 Lesson Class - Workbook

These lessons are designed to take the student through the Scripture, introducing him/her to the Word, the Doctrine of the Word, and the Lutheran Catechism. This study will not only impart a great deal of information, it will also bring familiarity of God's Word to the student as well as open the door to honest discussions of Gospel and Law and practical application in the life of the disciple.

These documents are PDF format and require Adobe Reader. If your computer does not automatically open the PDF document, right click on the link and select "Save Target As" or "Save As" and save to a selected folder in your Document files. Then you will be able to open them from your Adobe Reader on your computer.

21 Lesson

21 Lesson Class - Leader

The following lesson are my own notes for leading fellow disciples through the Word using the Lutheran Catechism outline for discussion. Many of these notes are developed of more than two decades of experience. Certain notes trigger illustrations that I have not included. It will be important for the leader of this class to recognize their own Christian growth experiences and use them as they communicate the absolute joy and richness of the Gospel in their everyday life.

You will notice that there is no lesson ten. This lesson, in the scheme of the development is called "The Intertestamental Period." You are more than welcome to exclude this from your course presentation/discussion as these lessons take many weeks. However, it has been my ministry philosophy in teaching God's Word that it is preferable to take one's time. Christian development takes time and the Holy Spirit develops faith through time and experience. Peoeple need to developp the habit of study as well as being offered "dwell-time" to consider the word in a context of safety. A quick run through does not necessarily serve Kingdom growth.

2nd Step

2nd Step Discipleship - Workbook

Paul writes about our life of faith and refers to "our reasonable response" to the Gospel. The question is, "What does it mean to live as a follower of Jesus?" 21 Lesson is a great start in ones faith life. However, there is more. This course is the 2nd Step in discipleship development. The discussion in 2nd Step includes a variety of issues such as, prayer, stewardship, family, and congregations. Taking this class will both encourage and challenge the new follower as well as the long time member in their life of faith.

Creation Resources

The following list of resources will be helpful in strengthening a Creation apologetic. Those marked by an astarik are priority purchases if you are unable to purchase the entire list.

The Flood - Alfred Rehwinkel
*The Early Earth - John C. Whitcomb
The New Answers Book 2 - Ken Ham
*Refuting Compromise - Jonathan Sarfati
*Exploring the Evidence for Creation - Henry Morris III
Refuting Evolution - Jonathan Sarfati
Refuting Evolution 2 - Jonathan Sarfati
Answers Book - Ham, Sarfati, Carl Wieland
Coming to Grips with Genesis - Terry Mortenson, Thane Ury (Editors)
Earth’s Catastrophic Past - Andrew Snelling
**The Young Earth - John D. Morris
*Starlight in Time - Russ Humphries
In the Beginning God - Dr. Joel Heck