Bible Images

A collection of classic art work depicting scenes from both Old and New Testament events including Creation, Noah, David, Jesus, and Paul. Go to Bible Slide Content Page.

  Bible Studies

Studies for the introduction and review are available for download.
    - 20/20 Hindsight:Bible History & Junior Conf.
    - 21 Lesson and 2nd Step

  Lutheran Literacy

Lutheran Literacy Project - Books for Families/Words for Life. A unique strategy to meet families in remote communities.

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Welcome to Outset Ministry

At the Outset Ministry site you will find an increased availability of free resources for use in Bible Studies, Worship, and media development.

The Prayer Seminar Worksheets are the lessons to assist leaders initiate a Prayer Paretner ministry. You may view the lessons by clicking here.

In addition we will make available original photography for Power Point slide development. If you have a Power Point background request for use in worship or presentation, please email us by clicking here.

Ministry Resources

  • Liturgical Banners can be used in many different settings. Just download the image and start to build.